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(Tamil Kamakathaikal - Hot chat)

omegler 2014-07-02 Comments

Tamil Kamakathaikal – You’re now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You both like naughty.
You: hey
Stranger: Hi

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இந்த கதையை எழுதியவர் : omegler


You: 24 m
Stranger: 19 f
You: im the way
You: nice to meet u
Stranger: im Hanna
You: Hey hanna..nice name
Stranger: nice to meet you too
You: great..hey hanna what do u like ?
Stranger: thank you, john is a nice name too
You: do u love role playing ?
Stranger: Role playing is fun
You: yeah..i love it hanna…it is really funny and sexy too
You: shall we do role play ?
Stranger: sure
You: you have any roles in mind or shall i tell ?
Stranger: you go ahead
Stranger: and tell
You: (I can be your elder brother’s best friend and one day i come toyour home in search of him and finds u after a long time) or
You: (We both can be naughty neighbours always loves to have secret affairs without knowing to our each other’s partners ) :P
You: or
You: (I can be random stranger whose care gets broke down suddenly in front of ur home that friday night on that beach road and i come to ur home for help)
You: which one hanna ?
Stranger: hmmm
Stranger: i like the first one a lot, but i also like the second one too
You: even i like the second one more..just because it will be funny and spicy since we both are married and we love to have secret affair without knowing to our partners ..and we can add spice like getting phone calls from our partners when we have fun…like that
You: so..which one ? ;)
Stranger: Lets go eoth the second one
You: yeah…shall i start ?
Stranger: Go ahead
You: (It was a monday afternoon…as usual i woke up late finding myself very hungry..and seeing my wife didnt cook also and she went to office)
You: (I have no option but to come and meet my sexiest neighbour in that whole flat)
You: knocking ur door
You: “Hello..any one there ?”
Stranger: Come on in!
You: “Hey dear..hope ur bustard is not here ”
You: “honey..hows ur day going”
You: “i just woke up finding myself very hungry”
Stranger: Good, how have you been
You: “ good..i miss u all day during night time..its great that our partners go to office in day time and we find time for ourself”
You: i smile
Stranger: It sure is
Stranger: what are you smiling about? I smile a little too
You: “honey..having something to drink ” i smile again
You: “anything top milk tank or bottom juice tank fine with both ” ;)
You: i say and giggle
Stranger: I giggle and blush a little bit
You: “ i say” i make u sit on sofa and started spreading ur legs and suddenly got on my knees to pull ur panties and push my head at ur sexy pussy
You: i grab ur hands and make them control my naughty head
You: “honey..i want this first”
You: “push me in deaR”
Stranger: Mmhmm
You: I lick ur sexy inner thighs
Stranger: ohhh
You: and softening ur soft pussy
You: and slowly getting my head closer by widening ur legs
You: and kissing ur sexy pussy
You: all over
Stranger: mmm
You: and smootching again and teasing with my tongue twist and nose softy
You: i slowly pushed me in again and started twisting my tongue faster to taste the honey and slowly getting my hands on that so yummy navel too
You: i make ur body feel the heat and making it push at my head
Stranger: Nhhhh
Stranger: ohhh
Stranger: i press into you harder
You: i started licking and sucking all of a sudden and pushing deeper and kissing ur sex clit and licking harder and harder
You: my tongue goes deeper
You: and deeper
You: finding the sexiest sweet honey
You: and i started shouting
You: “honey..dont pull me out”
Stranger: Mmmmm!
You: “i found the heaven
You: push me in..widenur legs
Stranger: ohhhh
You: aaahhhhhh
You: i spread ur legs even wider and harder
You: and kiss deeper
You: and my nose naughtily collideing with ur sweet pussy
Stranger: mmy legs xan only go sso farrr
You: i slowly touch ur navel and started my fingers rotating around ur sexy navel
Stranger: ohhh
You: i pulled my head suddenly and started kissing and licking all over ur navel
You: sooooo yummy
You: meanwhile my finger started playing with ur sexy pussy
You: going in and out
Stranger: Nnnhhh
Stranger: nghh!
You: i kissed harder and all over my face got stick to ur yummy navel
You: so softttt
You: aaaahhh
You: (suddenly u get a call from ur hubby…i can speak ur husband voice if u want)
You: “honey…ur phone rings”
You: “check who the shit is”
Stranger: Awe man
You: i was meanwhile sqeezing ur boobs
You: and nipples
Stranger: oh crap
You: “what the fuck ?
Stranger: its him!
You: “oh shit…that idiot”
Stranger: what do i do?!
You: “ok..speak with him..lets manage” i was licking ur navel
Stranger: i answer
You: “hello..dear,…how are u ?”
You: “what are u doing honey ?”
Stranger: oh im fine
Stranger: im just cleaning up a little
You: “sorry babe..i wont turn up tonight..i have a meeting at my office”
Stranger: ok
You: “uhhh…thats ahy i hear some weird noise”
You: i kiss ur pussy deeper
You: as u speak
You: and lick ur navel again
You: teasingly
You: i sqeeze ur nipples harder
Stranger: I try not to make any sounds
You: “what is going on ? honey ? any problem ?”


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